Wednesday, August 8, 2012

8/8/12 - Training

6:00 AM, fasted BCAA's
Swim 500m @90%
Rest 10 min

13:00 each.
Felt almost effortless. So pumped to have completed these.
Never swam that far non stop before. I can't WAIT to test a 1K.
I know they're not blazing times so definitely looking for more improvement.
I'm just pumped on how good I felt after completing each one.

Skill session 90 min (include rope climbs)

Mountain biked for about 45 min.
Worked on reverse med ball throw with 10#
Practiced some standing triple jump. Needs work.
Rope Climb Practice - Spent probably 30 minutes working on the wrap technique. Learned a lot. Good session tonight. Feeling good. 

Right hip flexor is a little flared up but should be good to go by Friday. 

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