Monday, August 27, 2012

8/27/12 - Training


A. Power clean; build to a tough single
305#, 315#x
Just below parallel on 315. Felt great today.
So went for the PR. Just missed it.

315 Power clean miss

B. Amrap power cleans in 3 min @90% of A
C. Amrap power cleans in 2 min @80% of A
D. Amrap power cleans in 1 min @70% of A


Went back to back on these. Felt like I gave everything. Looking back on video doesn't seem like it though.Tried not to squat clean any. The last 275 power clean was caught just at parallel. Either way, felt strong today. Fun session.


  1. well done sir, that power clean was close, too close and hard to see from that angle, I'd have to give you that one though, although that is some peoples squat depth, i won't name any names lol

  2. Thanks dude. Just saw this comment. Missed ya in Miami a few weeks ago.