Wednesday, August 1, 2012

8/1/12 - Swim + Recovery/Skill Session

Swim 200m @90%
Rest 3 min

Done at 6:30 am this morning. Fasted
Woke up feeling great. Legs are pretty sore though.
Specifically glutes and adductors.

Did some streamline balance drills for warmup.
All sets done around 4:45 - 5:00

Not blazing times but I am STOKED about completing all of these.
I have never swam 200m non stop. Huge improvement.
Recovery after each set was great. Breathing was under control for every set.
Worked on bilateral breathing as well. Getting more comfortable with it.

Finished with some drills. Put a bouy between my legs and threw on the hand fins.
Great practice. I tend to pull early with my left hand while breathing on my right side.
This helped me balance a little bit to lengthen my strides.

Fun morning.

Skill session 90 min

Mountain Biked for about 30 min. Then threw the football for a while.
Practiced some reverse shot toss with a 10# med ball.
Worked on the standing triple jump. Did some single leg bounding drills for warmup.
Practice the wrap technique with rope climbs. I need to figure out the most comfortable setup. That was is muuuuch more efficient but chews up your legs. I might wrap a towel around my leg or something.
Goofed around on the indo board for a while. OHS 65# on it. Getting pretty comfortable on it.
Fun day. Legs are still really really sore. Adductors are shredded. Back feels better. Lats are a little sore but will be good by Friday.

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