Monday, August 13, 2012

8/13/12 - Training

A. Squat clean gauntlet; on the 30 seconds 1 clean, starting at 185
(add 10 pounds per 30 sec)
Ended at 315#. Cleans felt pretty good today. Pulls felt strong.
Squat did not. That was my limiter today.
My lower back is a little sore still from Fridays deadlifts.
I guess I'm happy with that for every 30 seconds and not much heavy lifting lately

B. 10-1 unbroken CTB chin ups for time
Felt good. Maaaybe could have pushed a little harder in the beginning.
Either way, felt sharp. Grip was a little tired from the cleans. 

Practiced some double unders with a vest and weightlifting shoes. Don't like.
Pistols hurt my rip hip right now. I might practice some tomorrow and just leave it.
I only have to do 20.

Decided to do a 2:00 AMRAP rope climbs afterwards to feel it out.
Started and after my first climb I was 15' up on my second and THE FREAKIN ROPE CAME UNTIED.
Everythings fine though. When I fell I landed like spiderman. Close one. Really wish I filmed it.

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