Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/29/12 - Swim + Skill Session

Swim 30 min continuous - tech and vary strokes

Worked on bilateral breathing for the first 10 minutes. Then basic freestyle.
Swam a few laps breaststroke. I don't know what I'm doing. 
Did a few laps with the hand fins and buoy. Felt good this morning. Never stopped.
Would like to swim a mile for time some day.

30-45 min skill session - 2-3 main skills max

Practiced some reverse shot toss
with a broken 35# kettlebell with no handle.
Worked on some triple jump for a while as well.
Really need some help with this.
I'm not saying I want to focus on being super explosive right now
but I think this is a skill I need to improve on.
Some minor technique tweaks could save me during an event.
Partner trade off
One person walk as far as possible on hands in three attemps.
Short rest in between attemps.
While the other partner does squats on the indo board. Pretty fun. 

Some videos of a few jumps from the past few weeks. Would love some advice.\


  1. Maximize each individual jump more on the triple are rushing through the three of them. Think that each separate jump is a max effort and you are trying to be airborne as long as possible from each. Drive your foot into the ground hard each time. Let me know if that helps at all...can't wait to see you out there buddy!! You stayin in the house with us? If so hit me up on Facebook...