Monday, August 20, 2012

8/18/12 - Summer Crush Games Day 1

Summer Crush Games
Event 1:
For time, perform:
24 Deadlifts 155 / 95
18 Hang Cleans 155 / 95
12 Press anyway 155 / 95
25 Box Jumps 30”/24”
25 Calorie Row
25 Box Jumps 30”/24”
12 Press Anyway
18 Hang Cleans
24 Deadlifts

9:19, 7th

Deadlifts unbroken
hang cleans 10/7/1
Push jerks 6/6
box jumps at a steady pace
row was slow, used it to cool down
box jumps at a steady pace
6/6 on push jerks
6/6/6 on hang cleans
deadlifts were 10/14

This hurt bad when I was finished. Last few deadlifts were ugly.
I felt I paced this great. At some point could be faster on box jumps.
Also could have broke into larger sets on cleans.
Other than that no too unhappy. Very painful. Took me a while to recover.

Event 2:
2 min. AMRAP: Rope climbs - 15'
No rest
3 rds for time:
6 HSPU (kipping allowed)
12 Two - Arm KB ground to overhead 66# / 44#
18 WBS (males 20# at 12'), (females 16# @ 11’)

7 climbs, 26th
5:38, 3rd

Did 7 rope climbs at an easy pace.
Felt almost 100% starting part 2.

Part 2 was everything unbroken except last set of wall balls.
Did probably 10 wall ball then had to break. Was starting to miss reps.
Ball was not going high enough. Pretty tough. I was jumping a foot in the air trying to hit the target.
This hurt like hell afterwards. Took a while to recover. Not sure where I could have speed up on this one.
Went into it thinking that going easy on the climbs wouldn't hurt me.
Big mistake. This pretty much cost me the weekend.
Rope climbs were heavily weighted. The best was 11,10,9,8.
Problem was is that 25 other people did better than 7 climbs. So I got 26 points. Huge lesson learned.

Event 3:
4 rds for time:
80 yard run
12 Log Cleans 135 / 85
12 Double Log Jump Burpees

Cleans were easy. Burpees were really tough. Run were recovery.
I was dead tired at this point. Just pretty much fried from the first two events.
During the start of my last round they announced 10 seconds left.
Supposed to be an 11 minute cap but they stopped us at 8:30 because of the lightning.
Everyone was pissed. I was ahead in my heat. We were the only heat to go.
Then they decided to go ahead and cancel that entire event. Crap.
Had a good dinner. Didn't over eat. Was in bed by 9:30.

Got around 9 hours.

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