Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8/22/12 - Recovery Swim + Skill Session

20 min z1 continuous swim

Felt great at 20 min. so went ahead and completed 1k.
Super pumped about this! Can't wait to TT.
500m at around 11:40
Going to learn to flip turn soon. I would like to get sub 20 for my next 1K TT.

20 min skill session/mobility/movement
Threw the football for a little while. 
Practiced triple unders. Was getting up to sets of 7.
Learned I need to use my shoulders more to keep slack out of the rope.
Trying to use my wrist doesn't seem to spin the rope fast enough yet.
I'm better at them with my heavy rope.
Did some handstand walking. Walked probably 80' a few times.
Practiced turning around. Getting much better at it.
Did 1 set of max unbroken double unders.
325. PR. Now my calves are sore. 

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