Saturday, August 4, 2012

8/4/12 - Training + Testing

A. Build to a tough clean and jerk fast
225#, 255#, 275#, 295#

All were pretty easy. 295# was the only one I squat cleaned.
Do not feel very explosive right now. Called it at 295 to be safe with my back.

B. Build to a tough single back squat
315#, 335#, 355#, 375#, 385#
These felt awesome. Really surprised me. 385 went up really easy.
Tried to slow down a bit and hit ass to grass. Felt great.

C. Build to a tough single weighted chin up
70#, 88#, 93# (pronated), 106# (mixed grip)
Rope climb 20'
Front squat 275

Bummer, really dissapointed. Had a huge meltdown on round 4.
That round probably took me 8 minutes.
Had a quick hissy fit then just moved on.
Front squats were easy and felt really good.
I was trying a different technique during the round of 5 & 4 and it just plain wore me out.
20' is a lot higher than I'm used to. That extra 2 pulls at the top just got me.
My upper body just blew up. Lesson learned.
Looking forward to tackling this weakness.

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