Friday, June 14, 2013

6/13/13 - AM Row + Noon Training + PM 80% Test

Row 5K @ easy pace

Done. Averaged 2:05. Felt pretty tight this morning. Haven't rowed that long in a while.
A1. SC x 1/FS x 5 - build to a tough 5 in 5 sets max; rest 30 sec
225, 245, 255, 255, 255
Felt pretty good. Pull is weak but squat is ok. There is a lot more there but it's the first time back squatting heavy since injury. Played it safe.

A2. 15 CTB chin ups; rest 4 min
Done. All UB. Felt sharp.

B. amrap wall balls - 1 set
77. Didn't have it today. When I'm up for this I know I can break 140-150+
This is my only mulligan for the next few weeks.

C. AMRAP DU's in 5 min
Did a few sets of 100 then fast 30's. I was just tired during this session. The squats and pullups got me pretty good. Stll adjusting to the heat in the gym I guess. Good to be back lifting though. Body feels good. A small hint of irritation in the abdomen.

amrap in 15 min @ 80%:
prowler moderate 25 m
10 HSPU kipping
10 R kb snatch/10 L kb snatch
10 88# KB front rack lunges - 1 KB
(breathe and move)

1 Round

Some HSPU's

4 + 13 Snatches. Felt great. Did it in the back yard of the new home gym. Only had 53# KB. Plus didn't want to overdo it yet on the lunges. They were a little shaky in the abdomen. HSPU's all UB and felt great. Felt really good to breathe. Pushed a Rogue yoke in the grass. Dog kept trying to bite my ass.

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