Thursday, June 27, 2013

6/27/13 - AM Swim + PM Bike/Run

Swim repeats:
25 m @ 90% effort from wall
rest 30 sec
25 m head down no breathing free @ 90%
rest 1 min x 15

Done. Around :20 for 25m free 
:15-:20 on the free with no breaths, except that I took at least one breathe every time.
I had 15 chances to make it down without taking a breathe and I could NOT do it. Why did this hurt so much more than swimming completely underwater? Shamed

100m warmup and cooldown as well at tri pace. Felt comfortable.

bike 45 min @ Z1
run 15 min @ Z1

Done. Around 10 miles on the bike. Plus 1.5 on the run or so.

Went to my friend Karen's store Bikes Plus today and she fit me for a road bike to use this weekend. She also set me up with some other gear that should help with the race. So grateful to have so much support. Thank you Karen! If you're in the Memphis area check out her stores Bikes Plus. Great service and a HUGE selection.

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