Sunday, June 16, 2013

6/15/13 - PM Testing/Training

A. Snatch - build to a tough but perfect single

245# Felt pretty good. Could have hit 265 today but it wouldn't have been perfect and I wanted to test out the groin. Did not feel that tough. Ready now.
3 rds for time:
Run 200 m
5 Snatch - 80% of part A


200# on snatch.
Run was not measured. Didn’t stop though. All singles on snatch. To be honest was a little adament about pulling heavy in flats. Felt fine though. Happy with that.

Rest 10 min.

for reps @ 90% - rest 30 sec b/t sets to change weights:
3 min CJ - 155#
3 min DL - 175#
3 min S2O - 195#
3 min squat clean - 215#

23 cj's
55 dl's
22 s2o's
12 sqcln's

Just tried to stay in control on all of this. Good session. Body feels good. Glad it wasn't all out. Still don't feel ready to dig down there yet with a barbell. I'll be patient. It'll come when I need it to. I'll focus my efforts on the recovery and long pieces. The energy has to go somewhere. I have some video of all of this. Will post tomorrow.

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