Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6/11/13 - AM A/D Intervals + Noon Training + PM Testing

AD 30 sec @ 90%
walk rest 30 sec x 30 straight - same pace for all!

Done this morning, fasted, BCAA's. Felt good for about the first 20 then two weeks off caught up. I have felt better. Averaged 83 rpm.

Mid Day
A. PS - single every 30 sec - 50-60% 1RM - 10 sets
Done. 135#. No pain.

B. DU buy in x 15 - emom - DL TnG x 3 tough - 8 sets
Done. 345# for all sets. No pain.

C. emom - MU's x 2 - 10 min
Done. Some pain in abdomen from the hip hinge and extension in the bottom. Not bad though.

Felt great this session. This morning was like a purge. I am starting to feeling completely normal again.

for time:
Row 1K
10 rope climbs - 20'
20 wall walks


Easy row at 1:55
Rope climbs done on a 22' rope. These felt awesome today! I was getting up in 3 pulls. Still need a lot of work during high volume but I'm starting to get really comfortable with it. Took me 6-7 minutes to complete them.

Wore my new BSC compression tights with the compression calf sock. Felt awesome during the climbs. No burn or anything. 



Wall walks sucked. Nothing new there. Just grinded.Feeling really good. Abdomen is slowly getting better. We'll see how it feels tomorrow with all of todays volume.

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