Thursday, June 20, 2013

6/19/13 - AM Swim + Noon Bike + PM Run

Swim 100 m @ 80-90%
rest 30 sec x 6
Side Stroke 25 m R
SS 25 m L
rest 30 sec x 8
200 m breast cash out

Swim felt good. All 100's done under 2:00

Side stroke was ugly as well as the breast stroke, but it was good practice. Tough swim.

15 min Z1
2 min hills grinding
easy ride down x 5
15 min @ Z1 cool down

Went to Shelby Farms. 15 min. off road warmup then found a perfect hill for the intervals. Tough. As soon as the last one was up I was hit by a freaking monsoon. The road back was pretty tough. Drenched and covered in mud. Fun.

Run 20 min easy pace - based on ab tension

Done. Abdomen felt fine. Felt good to cool down after a long day. I am dog ass tired and my body is achy. Not sore, just achy. I need some serious sleep.

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