Wednesday, June 26, 2013

6/25/13 - AM Swim/Bike + PM Run

Open Water Swim practice - 30 min

50m, 100m warmup
then 350m non stop.
rest 1:30
500m non stop

Felt ok today. First 350 was rough. If I don't warmup properly I can't relax. After doing the 350m, the 500m felt muuuuuch easier.

T- less than 5 min

Bike 45 min - 3 x 15 min - ad effort per 15 min to max speed/low tension last 15 min

Out the door and on the bike in 3:00

Followed the same loop several times. Was able to keep the intensity consistent and slowly increase. Good session.

Run 30 min @ 70% effort

Covered about 3.5 miles. Ran on pavement but some tough hills. Felt good. Body feels better today.

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