Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5/24/13 - 5/26/13 - South Central Regional

Event 1:


Felt super fired up for this. :04 second pr from last week. Rower didn't start at the beginning so I know I could have gone sub 10. The difference from this effort and the previous was how fast I did my thrusters. I did them as fast as I could. I actually broke on the pullups. Butterflied 25, kipped 4 then feel off with 1 left. 

1st in the event.

Event 2/3:
7 min to Establish 3RM OHS
Starting at 255#, increments of 10#

285# x 2. Shut it down there. I think I knew that score would hold up fine so I tried to get as much rest as possible for the burpee/muscleups.

4th in the event.
Rest 2 minutes

30 Burpee Muscleups for Time
7:01. Missed my last rep twice. As well as a few other in between. Very unhappy with this performance. Not unhappy with effort though. I paced well but my body just didnt have it tonight. I kept failing the dip. 
Did this in 5:20 in practice.
26th in the event.

Slept ok the night before. Actually went back to the hotel after the briefing and slept for a bit longer. No soreness today. Just very anxious to get the 100's over with.

Event 4:
For Time:
100 Wallball
100 CTB Pullups
100 Pistols
100 DB Snatch - 70#

70 snatches

Wallballs done in 60/20/10/10. Judge was super strict on depth. Felt fine though.
CTB's were sets of 5 from the start. Felt aweful for some reason. 
Pistols were very slow. This is where I lost a lot of my time. Received a bunch of no reps on my right side for
depth. Had to be extremely low and deliberate.
Snatches just whatever.
19th in the event.

Felt really good after this workout. Was not that beat up. I can tell the volume as paid off. 
Found a quiet room and relaxed for a few hours to recover. Started to feel really good before event 5.

Event 5:
For Time:
Deadlift - 315#
Box Jumps - 30"


DL's 15/6, 8/7, 5/3/1
Box jumps steady. Would have been sub 4 had I not tripped 4 times on the last 9 box jumps.
I could NOT get my legs to work and I was starting to rush.

3rd in the event.

Slept great the night before. Feeling awesome. Super fired up to finish it off. Currently in a 3 way tie for second.

Event 6:
For Time
100 Double Unders
40 T2B
30 S2O - 160# Axle
90' Front Rack Walking Lunge


HSPU's took forever. Everything else felt great. Very strict standards. Luckily everyone was having trouble with them. S2O in sets of 5.

Felt something go off in my groin just over halfway with the lunge. Had to grind to finish it out. Hurt reallllly bad.

4th in the event. 

Relaxed for a while and had a trainer work on and tape up my groin. Hurts pretty bad. It is a miracle it recovered enough to go on. Just enough.

Event 7:
4 Rounds For Time:
2 - 15' Rope Climbs
4 - Squat Cleans - 225#


I just went on this one. All climbs done in 2 pulls and the cleans were all fast singles. Just had to grit my teeth.

3rd in the event. 

1st place over all. Going to the Games.

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  1. "1st place over all. Going to the Games." Proud of you, man!! I know you are excited. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.