Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7/17/12 - Testing

20 min amrap:
7 thrusters 135#
7 chin ups
7 burpees

12 + 4 burpees

Tough one today. Very hot. Started very slow. Broke thrusters from the get go.
Definitely helped. Short rest, short reps. Pullups all UB, Burpees slow n steady.

Could definitely get more out of it chasing someone. Hard to push alone. Not happy with score. Happy with how I felt. I was controlled the whole time. Breathing was good. Wasn't in pain long enough. Waited too long. Had gas left at the end for a push. It was weird around 10 min. in I felt my best. It's like my head cleared up. Started feeling really good. Still needs a lot of work.

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