Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7/25/12 - Double Training

Swim 100m @90%
Rest 2 min

Done at 6:00 am fasted. Felt great!
All sets between 2:10-2:18

Getting much better at this. Feeling more relaxed each session. Worked on breathing from both sides as well. Getting the hang of it. I'm halfway through the book Total Immersion. Great read that gave me a better perspective on swimming. Can't wait to finish it.

Skill session 90 min

Bike Ride - 30 min.
Triple Under Practice - 10 min. - Got exactly ZERO today. Don't know where they went.

For 12 min.
even minutes 2 rope climbs
odd minutes hand stand walk 15m 

Bar Muscleup Practice - 10 min.
OHS Practice on the indo board - 10 min.

Lever practice - 10 min.

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