Monday, July 30, 2012

7/30/12 - Training

Straight out of bed and went for a 20 min. easy bike ride. 

30 shoulder to OH for time 205#


Wanted to keep the sets short and fast.
Probably could have done 10 off the start
but didn’t want to end up taking a long rest.

Absolutely destroyed my collar bone reracking on rep 19 or so. 


Rest 20 min

50 back squat for time 265#


Felt pretty good. Tweaked my lower back on the very last rep.
Feels like the joint between the sacrum and lumbar.
Felt my lumbar go into a bit of hyper flexion coming out of the bottom.
Not sure if that’s the proper wording but it's my best attempt at explaining.
Legs are a little wobbly but not too bad. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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