Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/11/12 - Training

God bless the families of those who lost their loved ones on this tragic day...

20 min amrap @80%
Run 400m
35 double unders
25 wall balls
15 chin ups

4+20 wallballs
Felt good. Split wallballs into 10/15 each round
Pullups felt good today.

Rest 5 min

20 min amrap @80%
Airdyne 30 calories
10 GHD sit ups
15 thrusters 75#
15 box jumps 24"

4+10 calories
This one was tough. Box jumps were winding me.
Starting splitting up thrusters so I could stay moving on box jumps

Rest 5 min
20 min amrap @80%
Row 500m
20 kbs 1.5 pood
20 double unders
20 walking lunges

4+5 kb swings
Row felt good today
Split swings in half
DU's and lunges were fast and easy

Temp was actually reasonable today. Much easier to keep going without the heat.
I'm liking the progression. I'd like to keep up this pace.

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