Sunday, September 2, 2012

9/2/12 - Training

Run 1 min @80%
Walk 1 min
Row 1k @85% - same output per set - test the pace comfort
Rest 3 min
Airdyne 20 min z1 cool down

Run felt good. I really enjoy the 60/60 as a warm up.
I feel ready by the time I get to the intervals.
Glutes and adductors are really sore and tight today.
Suprisingly lower back isn't sore at all.


Breathing felt great. Just started counting strokes in sets of 10 at the start of every 100m.
By the time you get to the last 200m it's offset so it's like a bonus mentally.
Pretty happy with how these felt. First one was the hardest.
Last one got a little lactic the last 250m.

Airdyne complete. Butt was sore by the end of it.

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