Friday, September 21, 2012

9/19/12 - Swim + Skill Session

Swim 30 min continuous
Practiced stroke. Did several drills. Didn't swim non stop. Needed some practice. Spent no more than 30 minutes though.
60-75 min skill session
Airdyne - 5 min
Reverse shot toss practice
Triple Jump Practice. Was over 26' consistently.
Worked on punching my foot into the ground and making the
single leg jump a little more deliberate rather than fast.
Thanks Nate for the advice. It felt better today than it ever has been.

Run - 5 min 
Triple under - with heavy rope
Handstand walks - made it probably 35m with a turn around once
I would like to get to a 50m (25m down and back with a turn around)

Row - 5 min. Played the fish game
Parallette HSPU's - worked to a few reps at 16" depth.
That was really difficult

Bar muscleups - worked on flipping around both ways

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