Sunday, September 23, 2012

9/23/12 - Sunday

Woke up early and grabbed some coffee and breakfast. Went to church and volunteered helping some of the family pour coffee. Pretty easy day ahead. Grabbed the old trimmer and mower I recently fixed and helped my Aunt Laur mow my cousins lawn. They are out of town on their honeymoon and arrive back home tonight. Hopefully this will be a good ending to their trip. It's afternoon now and time for Brandi and I to start cooking our meals for the week. We've pretty much got this down to a science now. We can cook around 8-9 days worth of meals, for both of us, in less than 3 hours. Sometimes a little bit longer when we decide to try new recipes. Today we prepared a few new things so it took a little bit longer than usual. Started around 2:00 and done by 5:00. Also, of course it helps that we both enjoy eating the same things. I also spend 5 minutes on Sunday to prepare my post work out shakes for the week. This saves a lot of time I've learned and I don't have to tote around 4-5 different bottle of supplements in my gym bag. I just prep the specific ratio mixtures in separate ziploc baggy's and label them with a sharpie. Once again, this is easy for me because I know my training schedule a week ahead of time. Most do not.

Quick list:
6 x 6-8oz pork chops, cut from a solid pork loin
2# oven roasted chicken thighs and wings
2# ground beef meatloaf with peppers and onions
1# brussel sprouts baked with bacon
1# brussel sprouts roasted in olive oil
5 x large sweet potatoes mashed and mixed with cinnamon
2 cups white basmatti rice
2 cups quinoa
1# steamed broccoli
1/2 # sauteed spinach with butter
12 cups kale salad with peppers, onions, cucumbers
1 Large container spring mix - Breakfast salad
2 cups diced strawberries - Breakfast salad
1/2 cup raspberries - Breakfast salad
1.5# turkey breast - Breakfast salad
I also have some sausages, a 3# sirloin tip roast, and 4 NY strip steaks in case I feel like having a fresh cooked dinner. Spending a few more minutes tonight, I went ahead and prepped the next two days meals in separate containers. I usually only do two days ahead in case things come up.

There is no excuse if it's something you really want. You'll find a way to make it work.

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