Monday, September 10, 2012

9/8/12 - Training

Run 1 min @80%
Walk 1 min
Row 2500m @85%
Rest 4 min
Airdyne 20 min z1 cool down

Run felt great again.


Pretty uncomfortable during the first one. 2nd and 3rd felt better. Legs are pretty tired from yesterday. Hips were tight. Not very happy with the pace I held on this.
I know there's more. Recovered fine though. Feeling good.

No airdyne so after Brandi, Kyle and I rock climbed for about an hour and half or so. Freakin blast!
CF Murfreesboro's gym is connected to an indoor rock climbing facility. Grip felt strong. Surprised that I had as much endurance that I did. Biceps started cramping toward the end though. I think from all the rowing.

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