Friday, September 28, 2012

9/28/12 - Training + Testing

6:00 AM, fasted - never again.
A. Back squat @20x1, 4-5x5; rest 2 min
315, 315, 320, 325, 335(4)
Felt good. Got me breathing pretty heavy.

B1. Weighted chin up 2-3 moderate effort x3; rest 10 seconds
53# for all sets. Easy.
B2. 15 unbroken ctb chin ups x3; rest 3 min
Done. Butterflied a few sets.

C. TnG squat clean 10, 10, 10; rest 2 min (increase weight per set)
185, 195, 195x

Whoa. Hit a wall on this one. Had to drop with 2 left on last set. Went to heavy.
Just ran out of gas this morning. Too much work to train this whole session on an empty stomach.
I laid on the ground for 15 minutes after my last set and actually fell asleep.
Huge crash.

8 min amrap:
8 2 pood KBS
8 burpees
16 double unders

8 + 6 Double Unders

Was hoping for 9-10 rounds. Just have to move faster next time. Went out the gates hard and started to feel nervous about it. But the transitioning help my breathing stay under control. I felt awesome. Only slowed down on the burpees just a little bit. Laid down for about 30 seconds afterwards then was fully recovered. Felt great. So much fun.

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