Thursday, September 27, 2012

9/26/12 - Swim + Skill/Recovery Session

Swim 30 min continuous

Worked on bilateral breathing.
Used a progression with the buoy and hand fins.
By the end of it I was breathing out of both sides comfortably every 3rd stroke.
Pretty happy with this. Felt much more balanced this way.
Around 1000m total in volume.

60-75 min skill session

Run - 5 min.
Triple Jump Drills (Work on some single leg bounding, no full attempts) - 10 min.
Reverse shot toss practice (no max efforts) - 10 min.
Snatch/OHS mobility work (did several duck walks with pvc and barbell over head) - 10 min.
Row - Played 3 x 4:00 fish games, Shep won 2/3. Not happy. - 15 min.
Parallette HSPU's - 5 min.
Flow work - Back bends and bridges (was holding bridges for 30 sec.) - 10 min.
Airdyne - 5 min.
Foam Roll - 5 min.

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