Tuesday, June 26, 2012

10 min amrap @80%
Run 200m
7 hspu
10 ghd sit ups
Rest 5 min
10 min amrap @80%
Row 250m
10 hand release push ups
20 double unders
Rest 5 min
10 min amrap @80%
Airdyne 20 calories
10 KBS 2 pood
5 burpees
Rest 10 min

6+7 HSPU
Felt amazing. All UB and fast

Felt good. Tripped a few times on DU's

5 even
This was hard. Heavy breathing.
First 10 cal getting back on the AD were tough

Rest - 10 min

7 even
Felt great! Run felt strong

5+ 250m
Felt stronger this time around.
Went stronger on the row. Felt great. 


4 + 7 swings
This started to hurt. Pretty tired at this point.
May have gone too hard on first round.
Went ahead and finished 5th round :13 over 


Feeling better and better at these each week.
Legs are very sore after yesterday.
Looking forward to tomorrow.

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