Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Africa! Day 13 - 3/20/12

Woke around 6:30 am and met Doug and Matt down at the beach. Training was a partner workout.

For time:
Partner burpees 25m
Broad jump 25m
5 rounds:
10 pushups
20 squats
Swim 100m

Broad jump 25m
Partner burpees 25m

Took around 16:00. Pretty fun. Grabbed my rope and then knocked out flight simulator.

Had another good breakfast at the beach restaurant. Packed up our stuff and hopped on the bus to head back to town. Today we start the long haul from Zanzibar to Zimbabwe. We are leaving Zanzibar and flying from Dar Es Salaam to Nairobi. We'll spend the night in Nairobi and fly to Zambi tomorrow.

We spent around $100 in cash for food and $200 in hotels during the 4 days in Zanzibar. Probably the beast beach vacation I've ever been on for the money.

We arrived to Stonetown had some lunch at a small market and hopped on the ferry back to Dar. Once there we said our goodbyes to Mwangi and the rest of the crew. We hopped on a bus that took us to the Airport. Arrived in Nairobi around 10:00pm. The security at the Dar airport was extremely lax. Barely checked any of our luggage.

When we arrived to Nairobi we lucked out and received a free hotel room and meals for the night since they delayed our flight so long. Hotel was nice and was around 15 min. from the airport. 
 It's so hot...
  It's so hot...
  It's so hot...
Awesome lunch!

Doug carrying a purse made of condoms.

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