Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Africa! Day 14 - 3/21/12

Woke around 4:15 am. Took the airport shuttle back to the airport. Now boarding to fly to Lusaka. Randomly stopped in Harrare to drop off some people. What is this a freakin' bus? Never knew planes did that.

Arrived to Zambia. It has taken us forever to get a cab. Finally picked one up. Our drivers name is Douglas. Also found out that he loves the actor Michael Douglas... He flipped when he learned my name was Michael and Doug's was Doug. Pretty funny guy.

I learned a lot talking to Douglas. Zambia speaks two main languages. Nyanja & Bimba.

Natasha! - You're Welcome
Zicomo - Thanks

Shani - What's up?
Wine Shani - I'm fine, you?

Cash crop is Maize and the currency is the Zambian Kwatcha.

Hopped on a bus and started toward Zimbabwe. It's around a 5 hour drive. This thing is crammed! Just finished listening to American Assassin by Vince Flynn. AWESOME book! Drove through Naadi Hills on the way. Large nickel mines and sugar cane farms as well. Mazabuka is the large sugar cane plantation we passed.

Arrived to Livingstone around 8:30 pm. Garth picked us up at the bus stop near the border and we are now heading to his house. Garth is Matt's uncle who is kind enough to put us up for a few days and show us around. He is also responsible for setting up the majority of the trip. His home is incredible. Closest thing to a real home in a while. Had some "spag-bowl" and salad for dinner with a Zambezi Beer and hit the sack. 

Frog outside in the patio of Garth's house.

Freak show spider found outside as well. 

Massive Avocado's

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