Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Swim 1k time trial
Felt much better this week. Took a :60 break halfway. Getting better and better

115 min z1/skill session
Threw the football for a bit. Rode the airdyne for around 10 min. Juggled KB's for about 20 min. Practiced triple unders for about 10 min. Called it early on those. Just no rhythm today. Worked on some handstand walks and rolls. Started making up different games. Handstand walk 10m, forward roll straight into handstand walk another 10m. Turn around on hands and repeat. Pretty fun. Discovered the building three slots down is a gymnastics facility. Going to go by there next Wednesday to play around. 

Lower body is extremely sore. Specifically quads and adductors. Friday is going to be interesting. Fun day.

Vid of us goofing around.

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