Monday, June 11, 2012

Africa! Day 12 - 3/19/12

Woke around 6:45 am. Met up with Doug, Marcy, and Mayy again for some training. We found some stairs followed by a 100m straight away with a constant incline.

10 sets:
Sprint all out - up stairs then through straight away
walk/rest 2:40
rest 5 min after 5th set

All sets were around :20. Felt great!

Made our way down to the beach restaurant and had a good breakfast. As soon as we finished eating it was time get on the boat to go snorkeling.

Boat ride was about an hour long. Water is crystal clear and the fish are everywhere! We spent probably an hour in one spot then our captain told us to board the ship, he was going to take us to another spot. We climbed back into the boat and probably moved 200m from where we were. He throws out the anchor and told we were here. We all thought he was joking, since we were pretty much in the same damn spot as we started, but he was serious. It was pretty funny. Oh well. We jumped back in and swam for a little while longer. After another hour there we loaded back into the boat and drive to a nearby spot on the coast. The crew made us lunch while we swam on the beach. The water was so awesome at this spot. Probably one of the most incredible days so far.

For dinner we decided to walk around and find some where to eat on the beach. I ended up having a lamb tagine (huge leg of lamb brought out in a large mortar bowl of curry) with veggies. Awesome!

 The group of us just after the sprints.

Matt, Christina, and I

Lamb Tagine 

Doug, Marcy, and I 

Paleo Kits! 

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