Thursday, November 24, 2011

11/24/11 - Triple Testing, Happy Thanksgiving!


part 1:1 set @ 97%:
Row 1K
3:10, not my best. Still feel crappy in this area. I just can't seem to get my power back on the rower.

rest 1 hour
part 2:15,12,9 rep rounds for time:
Squat Clean - 135#
Ring Dips
3:14, All UB except last set of squat cleans. Started to hit the wall. Was not fully recovered. Felt it in the legs.

rest 45 min.
part 3:3 min for max reps:
burpee jumping chin ups - 8 foot bar
39, Suck. Was not recovered. Hard to find a good rhythm. Fun day though!

Knocked all of this out before noon. Crushed some good food today! I'm thankful for the ability and health to train like this. Never take it for granted. Most of all I'm grateful for the loving and forgiving Man upstairs who has given me all of this.

Do your work with enthusiasm. Work as if you were serving the Lord, not as if you were serving only men and women.
-Ephesians 6:7

"One of the great needs in the church today is for every Christian to become enthusiastic about his faith in Jesus Christ."
-Billy Graham

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